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Jiří Kubík
U stadionu 10
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mobil: +420 728 879 298

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To nejlepší za 10 let (2010)

Dear Supporters,,

we would like to present you our new music record. As its name says, it´s the best of record, which presents hitherto works of the brass band Hornobojani. The band Hornobojani has come a long way, has gone through many personnel modifacitions and in my opinion has also improved its quality. You can judge it yourself because this above mentioned music record includes records from former brought out CD´s. All these records are original. As bonus the record includes two new compositions which were recorded in contemporary cast. The first bonus is a flourish of our home village Horní Bojanovice composed by our principal composer Antonín Osička and the second bonus is a waltz called „Už sa scházajů“, music is also composed by Antonín Osička, lyrics by Pavel Kubíček who cooperates with our band in a lot of ways for a long time. This music record is available at our performance or at e-mail address wish you a pleasant listening.

bandleader: Jiří Friedberg

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