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Jiří Kubík
U stadionu 10
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mobil: +420 728 879 298

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Dear friends,
the brass music HORNOBOJANI from Horní Bojanovice in South Moravia welcomes you to its websites. History of this band is not too long. As many other bands, the band Hornobojani has come a long way of progress. From small group of enthusiastic musicians, who in the 90´s gained expericence from a doyen of brass music „uncle“ Metoděj Hanák, over small group „Josefínka“ to nowadays form of the band. A carde of musicians was modificationed with arrival of new musicians from surroundings of Horní Bojanovice and it meant a new beggining for the band. One of the founders and the first bandmaster as well was Mr. Josef Mikel. Contemporary bandmaster is Mr. Jiří Friedberg. A lot of singers have taken turns in the band since its establishment. Contemporary singers are Jana Horáková, Eva Friedbergová and Pavel Musil.

The brass music HORNOBOJANI has brougth out six music records since its establishement. The first record in 2001, the second in 2003, another one in 2004, next one in 2005, the fifth in 2007 and the best of record called „To nejlepší za 10 let“ in 2010. The band has also shot three programmes for Czech television one for Šlágr TV and in 2011 shot its first videoclip. The band HORNOBOJANI performs at festivals in the Czech republic and in foreign countries as well. Our band performs not only at festivals and feast, but also at concerts. Since 2010 the band has organisated a festival of brass music called „UŽ SA SCHÁZAJŮ“. Repertoire of the band includes compositions of well known authors. Our supportes are not only in a village Horní Bojanovice and its surroundings but also behind the borders of South Moravia. If you would like to know more information abou that band and its activities, contact us here...

We are looking forward to seeing you. HORNOBOJANI


10th August 2012
Started new version of websites in English.